This was sent to me by the producer of "The Boss Is Mine" movie. Help him get justice for his case. He is still in Uyo trying to fight Silverbird cinema for his money.

The movie, ‘The boss is mine’ premiered in Enugu at the Genesis cinema on Friday January 8th 2016. It was produced by Okey Oku (Oracle productions). Enugu premiere was a huge success, cast, crew, stars and well wishers turned out en masse for the celebration. The uyo premiere was scheduled for the very next day sunday 10th january 2016 at the silverbird cinema at the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment center Uyo Akwa Ibom state.
At the venue on the d-day sunday it could be confirmed that the set was ready at 4pm in preparation for the premiere scheduled to start at 5:30 pm. Upon this confirmation, guests, and red carpet crew then proceeded to their hotels to get dressed. At their return, it was discovered that power was out; crew members who manned the equipment informed
organisers that the power cut happened as soon guests departed the venue.
“We waited for power to be restored to no avail. Guests were around, members of cast were present, Iyanya, Sele bobo and other members of triple mg were present, politicians and viewers who had bought regular and vip tickets were all present waiting for power to be restored. It wasn’t.
When we asked for the reason for this strange occurrence, we were told that there was a generator fault. This fault, we were informed by the management of silverbird cinema also extended to all standby generators – about 4 of them”

It got late and guests started to leave, including people who had bought tickets. At about 8:45pm the power was restored. At this time however the crowd dispersed. This was made even more obvious during the red carpet when people expressed their dissappointment and sadness over the outcome of the scheduled premiere.
“Even if the screening of ‘the boss is mine’ started when power was restored, it would have failed still because about one hour later, there was a final power cut.

Attendees were angry, frustrated and disappointed and i, as the convener and movie producer was devastated. We had spent millions, paid for everything that was required and still the premiere failed. We were let down by the management of silverbird cinema uyo.”
“We have written to the management of Silverbird Cinema in Uyo demanding an explanation and are yet to receive any response.”

Okey Oku (Oracle Productions)