My View: Yeye Dey Smell As 2016 budget Allegedly Declared Missing At National Assembly

So, I read from Daily Trust, that the hard and soft copy (I would presume that this soft copy was saved in only one Aba computer system like the one am using to type this) of the famous 2016 budget proposal submitted to the National Assembly by President Buhari on December 22nd has gone missing or as my people will say MIA, meaning "Missing In Action" (only for Niaija). To cap it all, the disappearance of the budget document was announced by no other but Senator Ali Ndume during a closed door session that lasted 90 minutes today January 12th. 

Meanwhile rumors has it that the budget was withdrawn from the Legislature by the Presidency. Is that a way of Presidentially correcting initial errors made on the budget
without an apology? We Nigerians have gotten use to these things, remember how 20 Billion Naira disappeared like that? hmm...

I also heard that the Senators were supposed to commence the consideration of the N6.08tr budget today. When did they come back from their break, who stole hardcopy and who stole softcopy? 

It obviously can be same person. Like I said, it is just my view