The Year 2015 For Me Came in a Box Full of Surprises "My Personal Experience"

January 1 of 2015 for me was one of the lowest moments in my life. I attended a cross over service here in Abuja. I spent my Christmas and new year at my friend and sister's  house Adaobi Onuoha and she could sense something was wrong and was very quick to ask me (Adaobi is one friend who just knows the right words to say to make you feel like soaring the sky). By the morning of January 1, 2015 I had no clue of how my 2015 was going to look and I did not have any plans whatsoever (I hate not having one)
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Adaobi and I

 Well, all that changed in the days, weeks & months that followed. I was called to be a social media consultant for an organization and while doing what I love and know how to do best, I went for an advance course towards the later end of February 2015 in India, graduated as a certified professional in "Advance Course in Multimedia & Web Design Technology" at Center for Development and Advance Computing, CDAC Mohali India. I lived, studied and interacted with about 70 awesome people from different countries of the world whom I have bonded so much with that you say we are family now. 

I remember the funniest trip we had while in Chandigarh India, we went looking for snow in Manali and when we could not find one because summer was gradually setting in, we searched so hard that we made it to the top of one the mountains of Manali Himachal Pradesh India looking for snow. haha! yeah, we eventually found snow but it was one silly but treasured and fun moments we all share.

My happiest moment came when I was handed my certificate. I said to myself in Dbanj's voice “Oo...she” I felt accomplished. Another happiest moment for me was when I came home in the arms of my family in Abuja.
Its true that my plans for 2015 did not turn out as it had been written on paper but it overwhelmed my expectations. As my mum will always tell me “Man proposes… God disposes”

2016 is just around the corner and my prayer remains same- the manifestation of His express will for my life while I trust God to always give me the best and move me to the next dimension. 
My advice for you is that you stay positive and hopeful as 2015 wraps up.

Merry Christmas Ncblog readers and a ground breaking 2016.


  1. Awesome...buh u didn't add d various nights u weren't able to sleep and I was ur sleeping dose + all those times I was disturbing u to take my fake oh sori not so expensive engagement ring


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