Security Alert!: Be Safe This Christmas

This is to awake our security consciousness!!!. A story is told of how armed robbers are snatching the innocent people of their vehicles nowadays. In a party or public gathering, they will meet the MC to make an announcement of a particularly car with registration number so so and so blocking them, while gun will be drawn out to the potential driver at the point of reparking the car. Do the following when your vehicle registration number is being called: 
(1) Take your time before going out, 

(2) Don't go out alone, at least in coy of two or more people, 

(3) Don't go directly to where the car is parked, at least to confirm from a distance if you are blocking another car truly. Somebody who witnessed how one of such announcer was apprehended with a pistol in his pocket share this experience today.

Do stay safe as you celebrate with your family this Christmas.