Nigerians Serving 130 Years in Ghana Prison Appeal to Nigerian Government To Come To their Aid

Nigerian doing 130 Years Imprisonment At Ankaful Maximum Security Prison In Cape Coast Ghana begs Nigerian government to come to their aid. 
Emmanuel Emeka, a prisoner in Ankaful maximum serving 130 years says he is presently in his 8th year and within these 8 years has seen over 100 Nigerian citizen die in
the prison with most of their families unaware of their death while keeping the hope that they may return.

He described the living condition in the prison as unbearable while emphasizing on how the Ghanaian police are use to arresting innocent Nigerians and giving them long sentence of about 50 years to 200 years

He is appealing to the government to act on their behalf and many other Nigerians in all the 46 Ghanaian prisons who need assistance from Nigerian government