To Our lady Entrepreneurs, Here Are 10 Awesome Tips For You This Morning

The hardest thing about realizing a dream is getting there. As a female entrepreneur, you know how to dream. But maintaining your drive through the finish line can take monumental tenacity.
Elsie Escobar is no stranger to the entrepreneurial dream. After landing one of three spots at the prestigious National Theater Conservatory at the Denver Center Theater Company, Escobar earned her masters of fine arts convinced of her future in theater. But
after supporting herself for 10 years, Escobar decided to blend her interests in yoga and storytelling into an emerging art form -- podcasting.
Let's enjoy these ten tips from her this morning:

1. Forget your assumptions.
Never stop learning. In any exchange, Escobar advocates for discovery over validation and would rather, "deepen conversations about almost any subject instead of looking to confirm what I already believe."

2. Indulge in creature comforts.
Don't forget to celebrate along the way. Marking small victories lets you anticipate your milestones. Escobar's personal favorites, "Optimally, sleep, quiet and space. Although chocolate wins a lot."

3. Practice productivity.
Escobar understands the value of staying intentional in her pursuits. She calls it conscious action and practices it as a productive state of mind consistently.

4. Be interruptible.
Working in an at-home office will never be completely under your control. Escobar was once interrupted during a live broadcast when her 4-year-old bolted up the stairs and stepped right into frame. "It's  almost a constant. I just waved her around out of frame." Remember to stay flexible when things don't go as planned.

5. Pace yourself.
Pay attention to the schedule and workload that works best for you. Overload leads to burnout. Escobar suggests taking breaks that involve physical activity. "Do something else that involves you being in your body rather than in your mind."

6. Cultivate a creative mindset.
Creativity is the source of your innovation. To grow a creative mentality, Escobar recommends, "staying open and curious about the world and the mundane of everyday life. Keep a sense of wonder as much as you possibly can."

7. Get to know your own answers.
Follow your instincts. Escobar recognizes the value of expert advice and encourages business women to weigh it against what they know to be true. "I've always known what the next step to take is."

8. Be your own caretaker.
Escobar advises, "Sometimes you are in a fantastic juggling rhythm, totally in sync. And other times you're not going to be able to figure out how to even get the balls in the air." Never lose sight of caring for your own priorities.

9. Commit to being uncomfortable.
One of Escobar's strongest tips for women in business is to stop going to what you know and stretch out of your comfort zone. "It's a lot harder to stay open to what we don't know and to commit to following through, iterating and adjusting."

10. Make your own perfect path.
Don't be afraid to commit to your own direction. Setting out as a podcasting pioneer didn't fit everyone's idea of an acceptable professional pursuit for Escobar. But she was determined to make it work. "I'm not interested at all in fitting in, but in paving my own way. If others follow, bonus!"