Nigeria SDG Youth Network Abuja Invites You To A 1000 Man Walk for SDGs

Before you read further to understand what Sustainable Development Goals Nigeria (SDGsNG) are (for some of us who may not know) you can register for the 1000 man walk by clicking Here 

Now continue to read in details what SDGs are and how it concerns all of us after the cut

The Just adopted Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, by far had more acceptance when compared to the Millennium Development Goal, MDG. The fact that more than 160 world leaders came together to agree on the adoption of the proposal indeed underscore the optimism that greeted its birth.

The need for youth awareness and participation  in the framework is apparent, for both a process and a product that give youth a meaningful say, and would ultimately encourage policies, investments, and data collection to better serve the needs and interests of today’s and tomorrow’s generations of youth who together account for more than half of the world’s population. Youth put good education, better healthcare and job opportunities, an honest and responsive government and food security at the top of their list.

  “Young people will be the torch bearers of the sustainable development agenda through 2030,” and, “Today, more than ever, the realities of 1.8 billion youth and adolescents represent a dynamic, informed, and globally connected engine for change. Integrating their needs, rights to choice and their voices in the new agenda, will be a key factor for success .”

As part of our 48 hours advocacy events for national awareness, we are staging a 1000 man city walk for the Global Goals. You can follow on twitter with #100ManWalk4SDGs 

¾    This will bring at least one thousand young leaders and activists from across Nigeria for an early morning walk through the capital city
¾    The walk will involve the media , academia, religious leaders and other key influencers that are sympathetic to the cause of delivering a successful SDGs
¾    The walk will have a social media dimension. Key social media influencers will be engaged for a back-end twitter chart as the walk is going on and the our back up team too will be available to engage young people on the social media during the 48 hour event

We are glad to invite your organization to be part of this global movement for a better world.
Date:   28th November 2015