New Study Reveals Bearded Men Are More Likely To Treat Women Poorly Than Clean Shaven Men

A study of 500 men aged between the ages of 18 and 72 has found that men with facial air are more likely to hold hostile views about women than clean-shaven men.

One theory holds that growing beards gives a feeling of masculinity, power and dominance.

The study focused on
“hostile sexism” involving derogatory parochial beliefs – such as the belief that women tend to keep men under their thumb in a relationship – and well-intentioned “benevolent” sexism – such as holding the door open.

The researchers also took into account the respondents’ age, education, relationship status and other factors that could influence the decision to grow facial air. It was found that the men with facial hair expressed higher levels of hostile sexism.

“Men holding more patriarchal views may be inclined to reinforce their masculinity and dominance by growing facial hair,” researcher Julian Oldmeadow of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, said.

Also, the researcher said that keeping facial hair leads to higher testosterone production, a hormone that helps to fuel aggression.

The research however found no link with between facial air and benevolent sexism.

Source: Daily Mail