Global Terrorism Index Ranks Nigeria As World’s Third Most Terrorised Country

The 2015 Global Terrorism Index, GTI, has ranked Nigeria as the third most terrorized country in the world up from the fourth position it occupied last year.
Of the 162 countries of the world that have been worst hit by terrorist attacks, Nigeria,
in the latest ranking, follows Iraq and Afghanistan, who were ranked first and second respectively.
Pakistan and Syria are ranked fourth and fifth to complete the top five most terrorised countries.
The only countries in Africa closer in ranking to Nigeria are Somalia and Libya which occupied the eighth and ninth positions respectively.
The report, released on November 16, 2015 by the Institute for Economics and Peace, said the Islamist terror group in Nigeria, Boko Haram, overtook ISIS in 2014 to become the most deadly terrorist organization in the world.
The 2015 GTI report observed that Boko Haram, in 2014, was also able to spread outside Nigeria to launch two deadly attacks in neighbouring Cameroon, killing 530 people.
Cameroon, the report said, did not record any death from terrorism between 2000 and 2013 until Boko Haram struck in 2014.
It was however made clear that although the GTI report was published in November 2015, the data used in producing it were gathered last year.