For The Third Time This Year, Another Man Scales Fence Of Obama’s Official Residence

A man has been arrested on Thursday for scaling the fence of the White House while the American President, Barack Obama, and his family were inside.

According to CNN, the man identified as Joseph Caputo was draped in an American flag and managed to scale the fence that had recently been refitted with spikes that are seven inches long.

The man was apprehended and overpowered by operatives of the Secret Service, the agency charged with the responsibility of protecting the president and his family.

He was taken into custody and may faces charges.

CNN said he was at least the third person to scale the fence and make it safely on to White House property this year.

It will be recalled that a former US serviceman, armed with a knife, scaled the fence of the White House in September 2014 and was only caught after going through many rooms.

The controversy generated by the incident was so intense that it led to the resignation of the head of the Secret Service.