Biafra: Okpala-Eze Chukwubuikem Sends A Warning Message For The Release of ‪NNAMDI KANU‬

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!!
This is a serious warning from the Angry Biafrans across the world to the Nigeria Government with their SSS/DSS, British government, Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy who is currently holding the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (NNAMDI KANU) against his wish since 14th of October 2015. He was arrested, and a competent court of justice in Nigeria granted him bail that his lawyer (Vincent Obete) confirmed that all needed process of his bailing terms are met and supplied to the court, but yet they still hold him in their custody for no legal reason.
This article is target to draw the attention of the International, Local and World MEDIA such as CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA, YAHOO, AP, FOX NEWS and etc., World freedom fighters, International journalist, International and local Human Right activist, Amnesty International, International Court of Justice,
African Union, United Nations, American/ British Government and her citizens, Russia Federation, and other world powers, such as France, Germany, Japan, China, Israel and Netherlands.It’s recorded in Nigeria history that people have been held against their wish and later died under Nigeria government and subsequently where they came from was compensated by allowing another Person from the same Region to emerge as the President of Nigeria.
(1) A Yoruba speaking man of (Oduduwa Nation) MKO ABIOLA was the winner of 1993 presidential election in Nigeria; He was held against his Wish for asking for his mandate as the winner of that freest and fair election in Nigeria, his victory was annulled by a Hausa /Man Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida,(MKO ABIOLA) later died in the Prison, and (Olusegun Obasanjo) was brought out of the Prison and made the President of the country through rigging of election which is the trademark of Nigeria democracy, as we all knew that Nigeria usually has ‪#‎Selection‬, not ‪#‎Election‬.
(2) Yaradua was a friend of (Obasanjo) who served in the same Prison with the same case charges against both of them, He died in the Prison and (Obasanjo) connived with the Hausa/Fulani to compensate the North over Yaradua’s death, His younger Brother (Umaru Musa Yaradua) benefited from the Government as compensation for the Hausa/Fulani (ARIWA) Region.
(3) A Biafran of (Ogoni Clan) KEN SARO WIWA was an environmentalist and a human right activist fighting for Ijaw Nation which they called (South/South) today. He was killed by a Hausa/Fulani man (Gen Sani Abacha), (Ebele GoodLuck) was handpicked by this cabals the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani godfathers to run as the Vice President to (Yaradua) knowing the (Yaradua's ) state of health which later paved way to (Good Luck Jonathan) as the President of Nigeria upon the death of (Musa Yaradua).it also served as a compensation for the Bantustan creation called South/South, During Yaraduas tenure as the President the (MEND), was giving amnesty, and this made the People of this region (MEND) dropped their arms totally to allow the Oil flow to the NORTH and SOUTH/WEST since they assumed their brother (GEJ) was the Vice and later became the President.
(4) Bola IGE was killed, and his killers suddenly turn to Ghost and the Yoruba's were silent about it,
(5) Dele Giwa was murdered through a letter bomb sent by IBB, and yet the Yorubas did nothing.
(6) SIMBIYATH Abiola dies mysteriously, and the Yorubas were docile, even the Nigeria Government knew about her death, and nothing happened.
(7) Kudirat Abiola was shot dead by a well-known military man Sargent Rojas and up till now nothing happened once again the Yorubas were watching.
(8) Fela was sent to prison for 27 times because he was speaking the gospel truth against the Nigeria looting and evil, he stood gallantly fighting/attacking the Nigeria Government, he was later injected and died yet Yoruba's did nothing instead they rumored and tagged (H.I.V) as the cause of his death .. my question today is this.. How many of Fela's wives and children is a carrier of that same (H.I.V) which they claim killed their father and husband.
Where is justice in this God forsaking country?
We the (Biafrans) want to bring to the notice of the concerned Government of the world, Media houses and people of goodwill that we the (Indigenous people of Biafra) worldwide cannot fold our arms and watch such thing happen to our LEADER (Mazi NNAMDI KANU) because we are never cowards, we are not and will never be interested in this fraudulent marriage called one Nigeria and her Presidency, We are Biafrans ever before the NIGERIA NATION and BRITAIN was created . Our map can be found in the 14th and 16th centuries map drawn by the early cartographers.
We want to warn the Nigeria Government and the world that if anything happens to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu under the DSS detention, that the world will witness the 3rd world war starting from Nigeria; they should be ready to accommodate more refugees in their countries. They should not underrate the venom/anger of a bitter marginalized and subjugated great people from the land of the rising sun (Biafra). The people whose fathers invented (Bombs and Armored tanks) during the Biafra/Nigeria war, early 1967/1970;
As History has it, don’t forget that the cause of the 1st world war was as a result of the killing of a Prince from Austria (Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria)in 1914.
Here Nigeria is currently seating on a time bomb that will consume and affect the whole world if allowed to explode, if
anything goes wrong with another Prince, (Prince Nnamdi Kanu) from Biafra Land the son of HRH (EZE ISRAEL KANU) the King of Ama afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia, he is still under the Nigeria Government captivity. The world should speak up now and save this world another world war 3rd that is looming in Nigeria. The world should allow the Biafrans to have their Freedom now. Nnamdi Kanu should be released immediately without any condition.
How can they fail to Produce him before the law court if they have no case against him, why don't let him go? Why still holding him as today's is a date meant to produce him before the law court in Abuja at the Magistrate Court, Wuse 11.
Firstly the world should know that Biafrans are scattered all over the world in large numbers suffering and languishing in various prison of the world as they scavenge and struggle to survive. The world should allow the Biafrans to go so that we all should come back home and build our Nation; The world should also know that Biafrans of the 21st century has grown greater than their imagination. The dismal state of Nigeria military force should be aware that they were never ghost but normal human being like the Unarmed people of Biafra. They should know that no one has a monopoly of violence, and they have been killing us with guns and bullet because we only seek for our freedom.
A stitch in time saves nine; Nnamdi Kanu should be released, and Biafra should be free to stand on her own as a nation. A word is enough for a wise. We are not a terrorist group; We are freedom fighters and our freedom cannot be compromised. As we’re law abiding citizens of Biafra before the fake marriage of 1914, a country created the same year which the first World War was fought.
Buhari should free ‪#‎NnamdiKANU‬ and allow Biafrans to go. Their separate way Or ..............................???????
God Bless Biafra.
By Okpala-Eze Chukwubuikem.