Future Everything Digital, a brand initiative of 2TwoSix Alliance Ltd press conference held today and speaking with e-journalists was the CEO Ms Cynthia Anaele. Her speech communicated deep passion for Nigerians to embrace digital enlightenment to make them ready for the nearest Nigeria digital future which is now. Here, read below...

To develop Nigeria’s culture with real impact, Future Everything Digital is a force for good and is set out to scope the key digital issues and challenges of the country. Nigeria is in many ways is a nation of the future. We have to develop our digital culture through our 55 year journey as a nation.
The opportunity we at 2TwoSix Alliance Limited identified was how to contribute to the economy via Information Communication Technology in Nigeria. The nation is highly advancing in technology and innovation, ranked as the highest number of internet users in
Africa by Global Connectivity Index, Huawei
 The President of Huawei Western Africa Region, Mr. Peng Song, said in his survey: "Overall, the 2015 GCI shows that 20 per cent growth in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) investment will increase a country’s GDP by 1 per cent.” Stakeholders should focus their investments on digital technologies in order to efficiently transform our economy for the digital age.

The challenge is to bridge the separation between the worlds of digital technology and all other sectors in Nigeria such as entertainment, sports, tourism, agriculture, finance and insurance, manufacturing, art and culture etc to contribute to an enlightened vision for us as a nation.
Future Everything Digital Training and Summit will enable the free circulation of people and ideas, connecting people at different levels, from grassroots to government and business leaders. Our platform is commissioned to deliver the digital culture component and the required skills that will cut across every sector.
We are not leaving any area untouched in order to give everyone a participatory experience of a smart digital future. Future Everything Digital (FED), is a simple idea that will detect digital potentials in every sector of Nigeria’s economy and create an experience/platform that will give an expression to a possible digital future. Future Everything Digital Training (FEDT) and Summit (FEDS) will demonstrate how technology impacts positively on the life of a nation at a profound level while interacting in a fascinating and unanticipated ways.

One dimension we first want to respond to is Digital Training through the Future Everything Digital Training, by empowering individuals with basic digital knowledge that will intervene in the ephemeral experience of urban life to create a digital space of play, contemplation and good competition. Future Everything Digital is the first of its kind and a brand initiative of 2TwoSix Alliance Limited. We invite Nigerians to pause, learn, understand, explore, create and integrate in their vision, a possible digital future
It will also be great way to engage everyone in participatory trials and experiments. Our vision for Future Everything Digital is to translate Nigeria into an ICT space for new ways of living, working, decision making and doing things. The entire community can be engaged in shaping questions, collecting data, adding new interpretation, to generate insights that cannot be obtained in other ways. Our idea is to bring together technologists, agriculturists, bankers, artists, designers and everyone in different sectors and community groups to a unifying platform to envision scenarios for the future of a Digital Nation.

Countries like Finland, Sweden and Singapore have developed digital agendas for the future (by future we mean today because we are living the future already) and research shows that their global position is improving. Other Developing economies are moving quickly such that new technologies have allowed India to leapfrog decades of development and have come into the key area of competition with western economies. The digital opportunity is here for the taking- the question is, who will take it? The fast pace of change and emergence of new industries means Nigeria is well-placed to harness the economic growth new technologies bring. The value of digital capability in economic terms for Nigeria is huge.

We are set to finding and connecting people, companies and organizations with a stake in the future of Nigeria as well as incredible people from urbanism, architecture, media art, science & technolgy, entrepreneurship, social innovation, circular economy, food security, education, politics etc. Everyone who would contribute a unique perspective and add a new dimension to advance Nigeria’s digital technology development objectives and deliver highly imaginative ways to engage people in envisioning the future of Digital technology.