Ingredients For A Lasting Relationship By Israel Elaigwu

Dear NcBlog readers, As you all know by now, I am Israel Elaigwu, a relationship counselor. 
Today I want us to look at what RELATIONSHIP is. 
Is about two or more people coming together, to be together for the purpose of companionship. now for two to come together it means that there must be some form of agreement, be it relationship at work, between parents and their children, between two or more friends , between a husband and his wife etc. For a relationship to work there must be some form of agreement, For the purpose of this platform, I want to major on the man and wife / fiance and fiancee relationships .

Can two walk together unless they agree? the success or failure of a relationship totally depends
on this, no matter how sweet, humble, well put together and articulated the individual is, when you start a relationship or are planning or already deep in one there must be some form of agreements and from time to time, this agreement even have to be modified.

Now lets take a closer look at the subject, entering this can be based on anything ranging from individual TEMPERAMENT, CAREER CHOICES, FAMILY BACKGROUNDS , LOCATIONS etc.
Now no matter what the agreement is based on, somethings are paramount like:

1. The end result i.e what are we trying to achieve in this marriage / engagement ?
    A. Do we intend to be in this marriage for the long halls ?
    B. Can we weather the storm that comes with what we have entered into?
    c. what must i do to make it work?
A lot of people just jump into relationships not even knowing what they are doing and just say 'i am OLD enough' or 'my mother wants grand children' so they just pick whom ever and marry then when they say "I do" they discover ooh!! its not all rosy

2: Can we muscle the will power and unity to stand through till death do us part?
Whether we like it or not the storm is going to come, individual differences will show up and when they do (some can be disastrous too). What keeps that home going is not just the love, but commitment to the marriage that will keep them together, at that point your solidified agreement is what will help you pull through , Ok like me and my wife for instance, have agreed that no matter what kind of misunderstanding that comes between us there will be no such thing as one party getting dressed and just driving off .

So friends my take on relationship is this-

1: Do not start what you know clearly you cannot finish. If you are allergic to a particular meal like I am to white Maggie for example, make it clear from the beginning and agree that white Maggie will never be used to cook in that house (lol)

2: Be careful who you choose to marry because this is suppose to  be the decision of a life time e.g If you are a very out spoken and strong willed lady I  think you shouldn't marry a man who is quick tempered because I don't think you will be able to agree strongly on anything 

Can two walk together? unless they agree...