WHO YOU HELP?? By Iyke Samuel

I am privileged by God to pastor in the South-South region of my country. 
In this region, precisely Warri (Delta State) we have a saying that is in form of a question and it goes thus: 


To us, it has a deeper meaning than just being an ordinary question.
It means what the question seeks to address, but it's also interpreted as the bases for
~• #Recognition,
~• #Acknowledgement,
~• #Praises and
~• #Accolade.

Meaning that we don't just accord anybody respect only on the bases of being Wealthy or Influential.
What we want to know is, with all your wealth WHO YOU HELP?
Presenting it properly would be "who have you helped?" 

There are some lessons this our saying will trigger before the end of this article but before we get to the lessons, I want to remind us of three forces on earth.

~• #Faith
~• #Hope
~• #Love

And the greatest amongst these according to (#1cor13:13) is #Love.
When you read with other translations, you would notice that #Charity is used instead of #Love and that brings me to my first point.

1. #Charity_displays_Love.

If charity is the greatest, no wonder the greatest and richest people on earth are charitable people.

-> Why is malaria not killing as before?
-> Why is Polio greatly rolled back?
-> Why are people living with HIV/AIDS living long and fulfilled lives?
I guess you know the answers.

It should not be surprising that every year or every other year, one name keeps emerging as the world's richest man. #BillGates

Don't forget, charity is the greatest!

He is so charitable that the second richest man, Chairman #Warren_Buffet gave up almost 90% of his wealth to him for the purpose of charity.

How many so called rich men can give up 90% of their wealth and it's not for investment?

But trust me,
• Until you are empty, you cannot be filled!

• Until you come to the end of yourself, you cannot come to the starting point of God.

You don't know what wealth is
• Until He that owns the cattle on a thousand hills gives you wealth.

Your experience with true wealth has not begun
• Until He that tarred His street with pure gold shows you wealth.

However, to access His kind of wealth, your heart must accommodate charity.

I mean, a wealthy man came to Him seeking access to this great dimension of wealth called #Eternal_Life and the only qualification for that is not keeping the 10 commands and the laws.
The qualification was simply #Charity!
Sell ALL YOU HAVE (empty yourself), GIVE IT TO THE POOR and come follow me. (#Matt19:21).

Whenever you hear Jesus say #come_follow_me the reason is always the second part of that call which says "...#I_WILL_MAKE_YOU..."

You are not made until He makes you!
In fact #Aba-Made is better than you if He is not the one making you.
(Just being humorous, I love and use Aba-made)

The stupid rich man couldn't sell all he had to follow Jesus for the proper making.
He missed it and missed out!

Here is my second point

2. #Any_Demand_For_Charity_Is_Divine!

Jesus said to a righteous man in (#Matt25:35-40) I was
#Hungry you gave me food
#Thirsty you gave me drink
#Stranger you accomodated me
#Naked you gave me clothes
#Sick you showed me care, in
#Prison and you visited me.

The man wondered how and when Jesus was in all these places and he showed Him love?
Jesus replied and said, if you did it for these least or little (needy, needful, helpless) ones, you did it for me.

Look at what John said in #1John3:17 (Msg)
"If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God’s love? It disappears. And you made it disappear."

Maybe there will be a second part to this, but let me conclude this first part by reading out what I want us to call the initiation process and commissioning of Jesus Christ and invariably our commissioning too.

It is in (Acts10:38)
"How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him."

The critical part of our commissioning is the mandate to do GOOD.

Do not flag off your importance in my face until you answer my question

Are you making the love of God obvious or are you making it disappear?

Do you eat and throw away excess food in the trash can when people are very hungry?

What use is your anointing and the presence of the Holy Spirit within you if you are not consciously going about with the intention to do good?

Really, WHO YOU HELP?! 

Look out for Pt2 here
Help (Charity) makes the love of God obvious.
The Lack of it makes God's Love disappear!