Meet Israel Elaigwu: NaijaCynth's New Relationship Blog Contributor

I bring you exciting news. I know how relationship/marriage is very important to us especially for the single and married. Why are there many failed relationships/marriages. Do you want to share your story, do you need counselling, advice or tips to keep your relationship/marriage together? Look no further, Israel Elaigwu is here for you. We are officially introducing him to you because you will be reading on this blog, posts/tips to sustaining your relationship/marriage. 

Born on the 11th November Israel Elaigwu is the senior pastor of Royalty and Dominion Centre Int'l. 
He is a singer, preacher and  teacher of the word of God  who is passionate about relationships . 
He is blessed with Esther, A beautiful woman of God as his wife. You can also reach him confidentially for counselling.