Buhari Vows To Recover Stolen Loot, As USA Pledges Support

President Buhari has revealed that his administration has been making extra efforts to recover looted Nigerian funds by identifying the banks, financial institutions and countries in which payments for stolen Nigerian crude oil have been deposited. Buhari, said this while hosting a group of visiting United States Congressmen at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, and acknowledged the support and cooperation his administration was getting from the international community in gathering required intelligence for tracing and recovering stolen national resources.

“We are getting cooperation from the international community, including information on ships that take crude oil from Nigeria and change direction, or pour their contents into other ships mid-stream.

“Some monies were paid to individual accounts. We are identifying the financial institutions and countries that are involved.
“I have been assured that when we get all our documents together, the United States and other countries will treat our case with sympathy,’’ the President told the Congressmen led by Rep. Darrel Issa. Furthermore, he disclosed that he was ready for more meetings with the Nigeria-United States Bi-National Commission while noting that the Commission could serve as a more useful platform for the promotion of bilateral trade and economic relations as well as joint cooperation in the war against terrorism.

Rep. Darrel assured President Buhari that the U.S will support Nigeria against Boko Haram by providing training, intelligence and military platforms.
“We look forward to helping you in many ways to end the Boko Haram insurgency and the theft of crude oil in the Gulf of Guinea,’’ he said.