At Last Biafran Warlord Joe Hannibal Awuzie Opens Up On The Civil War

One of the major players on the Biafran side during the Nigerian Civil War ,Col. Joe Achuzia has finally opened up on his part in the historical war. As the Head of Operations for the Biafran army he
commanded almost all the major sectors in the Biafran Army and also ensured that discipline was enforced throughout the duration of the war. Before the war ended, he was in charge of operations in the whole enclave called Biafra. This position made it possible for him to begin the necessary overtures to end the war. Col Achuzia gives his own account on the events leading to the end of hostilities between Biafra and Nigeria. He says that accounts given by Obasanjo, Akinrinade and Isama are false. Read full story here