Photos from Bash Amuneni's "FREEDOM" Spoken Word Album Critique Session in Abuja

Anchored by Tope Sadiq of Freedom Hall, the much awaited Bash Amuneni (click here if you missed our last update on him) Spoken Word album "FREEDOM" critique session took place at Che' Bar& Grills Wuse 2 Abuja. According to Abdulnasir Imam (brief summary of the entire session) of trpmuzik "Freedom" opens up with the sounds of marching drum 

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as the words of the poet Bash Amuneni enters. Its almost like a revolution bistered by the words of Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream". This was just the introduction. Now whether or not the rest of the project lives up to its introduction, depends on whether or not you appreciate the art of "Spoken Word". There are highs "This Thing You Do To Me", "Please Don't Ask Me Why ft Anchorman" & there are tracks that perhaps could have been drawn out tougher like "Beggar Mum, Her Infant and a Vacuum".
Though short, some of the pieces make their point like "Something Happened at NyaNya" while some tracks I wouldn't mind to go on forever like "I Drank From the Benue River ft Jessica Bongos Ikwue".
The entire album ends the way it started with the sound of the revolution track- "

Is This the Moment? ft Aysia".

I (Naijacynth) was also in attendance to bring you all the photos...
That me, Cynthia (Naijacynth's Blog) & Bash Amuneni
Tope Sadiq & Mode9
In the middle is Ms Aysia
Abudulnasir Imam 
Naijacynth & Tope Sadiq of Freedom Hall
From L to R; Bash Amuneni, Mode 9, Leone

Moses Paul & Bem Sar

from L to R: David Ocean Ibrahim of (Cabinet X Africa Initiative), Leone, Naijacynth, Tope Sadiq & a friend