Meet Basiru Amuneni the Essayist & Performance Poet

Basiru Sunday Amuneni aka "Bash" is an Architect, Essayist, Performance Poet, and has 7 years experience as a Banker. He is the Co-editor of ‘Through the eyes of innocence’ - a collection of poetry written by children under 15 years. The compilation captures their honest and na├»ve thoughts on the Nigerian situation.
This project was fully and privately funded as an attempt to give voice to young poets and also provide a platform where children can speak up in an atmosphere of healthy competition.

Bash is currently working on his first spoken word album titled "Freedom”. The body of work is laced in love, intimacy, folklore,the human condition and also contains hard contents that jab the economic and political conscience of Nigeria.

Bash is a TEDx speaker and has performed at various platforms around the Country. He is a member of the Abuja Literary Society, EB Arts & Poetry club, Jos, Plateau State and one of the figures behind the movement, Freedom Hall Abuja- which provides an atmosphere where everyday people can express their innate talents to an everyday crowd.

Below is one of the piece in his Spoken Word album titled "Beggar Mum"… enjoy

Beggar mum, her infant and a vacuum

Yes I saw her breast
crest fallen in shameless
Public surrender
Like and udder
Rudely weaned off
those fabric props before prime
All shrivelled and dry
And weary of any milk drop!

Yes I saw a lactating infant
Underneath pulling and sulking
Hard and long‎ 
At these vacuums
I presume

Yes I saw her bowl-plastic
Empty like her gaze-flaccid
The edges are cracked wide open
Upwards, seeking heaven's mercy

Yes I saw her essence worn and torn
As she stares at me hollow
In that mean day time heat like in Kano
And I heard her soul scream out
As we hit her ear drums
With a Thousand thunderous blares
Blasting all at once!

Yes I saw her
But what I didn't see
Was our conscience place
Just our occupational best
As high way kings 
While we nest pretty 
Behind those four wheels of comfort …"sendless"

And I wonder
Who really cares?
For the beggar mum
Her infant and their
Seasoned vacuum
These are my fears...


  1. betty23.7.15

    Bash!!!!!! You spoke the voice of the voiceless. You're the hope of the hopeless..... Thank you for this piece.

    1. Thank you dear Betty for your reply. As poets we must use our art to draw attention to worthy courses.

  2. This gladdens my heart. Well done Bash.

    1. Thank you master Shittu for always believing! God bless.

    2. Thank you master Shittu for always believing! God bless.


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