I Have Been Living A Fake Life; Curtis Jackson (50 Cents)

Renouned Rap Artist Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, was in the Supreme Court in Manhattan USA to testify in a lawsuit yesterday 21st July 2015. The rapper who last week declared he was bankrupt following a lawsuit about a sex tape he allegedly posted online. 50 Cents told the court that he is not as wealthy as everyone makes him out to be, despite Forbes estimating in May that the rapper's fortune is about $155 million.

On Tuesday Curtis Jackson's lawyer said in court that his client's is worth only $4.4 million, and was in no position to pay the damages of $5m awarded against him last week for publishing a sex tape starring rival Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend. Despite his social media accounts been filled with luxury car and jewelries, 50 Cent explained to the court that it was all a fake image insisting; "I take the jewelry and the cars back to the stores".

The rapper who bought a Rolls Royce on July 4th 2015, told the judge that he returned to Rolls Royce to the dealer in other to buy the new one. The rapper also claimed that he received only 10cents per record from his 38m record sales. Though he has offered a minor apology to Lastonia Leviston, who was awarded $5 million 50 Cents says his brand has been tarnished due to the bankruptcy filled last week.