Actor Adam Zango Apologizes For Sexual Harrassment

After weeks of accusations and denials swinging between Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau and Actor Adam Zango, the actor has finally taken to his Instagram page to apologize to Rahama and her manager popular Nollywood/Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu for sexually harassing her. Writing in hausa on Instagram Zango said:
"I want to use this medium to apologize to Ali Nuhu and his crew for all the things I have said during my quarrel with Rahama Sadau, I also want to apologize as such to the entire Kannywood industry."

Rahama had in an Instagram few weeks back accused Mr. Zango of booting her off his yet-to-be-shot movie, Duniya Makaranta, for refusing his sexual advances. In a subsequent post the next day, the actress curiously apologised for her rant on the social media site, calling it childish. In a new twist of the entire drama, a friend to Rahama confirmed that the incidence was true and that Zango had asked for sex in exchange for a role for the actress on his new movie. Following Zango's vehement denial of the accusation, Rahama was suspended from Kannywood movies by Motion Pictures Practitioners of Nigeria. Despite the recent apology by Adam Zango, soures confirm that Rahama suspension is still in effect.