Fani-Kayode Lashes Out At PDP NWC Members

Director of Media and Publicity of the Peoples Democratic Party , (PDP )
Presidential Campaign Council , ( PCO ), Femi Fani- kayode , has lashed out at the party ’ s National Working Committee (NWC ) , accusing the members of being
responsible for President Goodluck Jonathan ’ s loss at the March 28 poll .
Addressing newsmen in Abuja, Fani- Kayode described the Media Team of the PDP
Organisation as the best thing that happened to the re - election bid of President Jonathan , saying the
team saved the president the embarrassment of losing scandalously to General Muhammadu Buhari.
He alleged that some unnamed members of the PDP NWC were agents of the opposition All
Progressives Congress (APC ) and worked surreptitiously to thwart the re - election bid of his principal .
The spokesman took time to refute the allegation by the party ’ s NWC that the hate words used by the
campaign team caused the party ’ s loss.
The NWC had alleged that the party lost the election because it ( NWC) was shut out of the campaign,
while the campaign organisation did not market the good deeds of the president , but instead , busied
itself attacking the persons of Buhari for no just cause.
He insisted that the Adamu Mu ’ azu - led NWC should be sacked to pave the way for the overhauling of
the party for the great task ahead.
“ They should go and search their souls and ask themselves if every single one of them was really loyal
to the party and to the President .
“ We need a new leadership that is open , kind , fair - minded and accomodating and in order to achieve
that I must add my voice to that of a number of governors and other key stakeholders and leaders in
our party who have said that the party ’ s National Working Committee must go . Sadly the NWC has
become a clog in the wheel of progress .

“ Did they really fight for the President ? Were some of them not really fighting for the APC and collecting
monies all over the place from aspirants and promising to give them tickets ?
“ Were some of them not dividing the ranks of the party ? Were some of them not really trying to
undermine the efforts of the Presidential Campaign Organisation right from the start?”.
“ That was what was going on and that is just a tip of the iceberg . We know all these things and
everybody knows them . We know what we faced from day one .
“ They resented the fact that the President had his own campaign organisation right from day one
because they wanted to manage it themselves, run everything themselves and make sure that they had
access to the funds” he said .
Explaining how the media team helped the president during the campaign he said “ the truth is that the
APC media machine was awesome , yet we engaged them fire for fire and bullet for bullet and I do not
regret that.
“ If we had not done so we would have lost the election by at least 10 million more votes than we did .
“ We spoke the truth , we engaged the enemy on all fronts and we not only fought them to a stand still ,
but for the first time since the establishment of the APC they were put on the defensive.
“ This was a great achievement for which we ought to be thanked and not one for which we should be
maligned , misrepresented and insulted.
“ If one or two members of the NWC are so ignorant that they cannot make a distinction between virile
political banter and a hate campaign that is their problem” he said