Join the debate: Raheem Sterling and Mezut Ozil, Who Is The Better Player?

Arsenal Fan and Popular Television Pundit; Piers Morgan has said Michael Owen should be 'retired' after the BT Sport analyst claimed Raheem Sterling was a better player than Mesut Ozil.
Referring to Owen as 'bench-warmer' or 'million-dollar man' rather than by his name, Morgan said the claim that Sterling is better than Ozil is 'utterly ridiculous', adding that Ozil is 'comfortably a better footballer'.Morgan also pointed out that at the start of the season Owen predicted Arsenal would fail to qualify for the Champions League - something they now look guaranteed to achieve after their win over Liverpool. He rounded off his attack by saying: 'Bench-warmer needs to be retired, like his horse to stud.'

Michael Owen had been a guest on BT Sport on saturday morning, prior to Arsenal tearing Liverpool to shreds in a 4-1 defeat later that day. However Owen reiterated on his on his Sportlobster page after the game saying; "It seems my claim that Sterling is a better player than Ozil made some headlines today. Is there a debate? Not even close."
Sterling is currently enmeshed in a contract saga with Liverpool with Arsenal one of the teams reportedly interested in securing his signature.
"He's better than Ozil, I think he's probably better than [Danny] Welbeck."

As the Raheem Sterling versus Mesut Ozil debate rages on, I tend to agree with Piers Morgan on this one and its a sacrilege comparing both players. What do you think? Is Sterling better than Ozil? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.