GEJ Supporter: Soni Kuti Speaks to Those Who Asked Him To Join The Winning Party

Soni Kuti, a vibrant Goodluck Jonathan supporter writes:

Good morning world. I had to take a deserved rest. I truly felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulder.

For all those small minded people teasing me and cracking jokes I would like you to consider the following:

1. If GEJ was declared winner, GMB would never have called to congratulate him.

2. Many people would have died again.

3. APC is the only winner for now...Nigerians have not won anything yet.

4. We will all win when APC can actually fulfill their promises...and even exceed our expectations.

5. For those who have asked me to 'join' the winning train....a simple NO THANKS..We all said we wanted a competitive political I will remain in the PDP and make sure that we have that.

6. I believe I supported the right man. He has proven to be a far more decent human being than many others. He once again demonstrated this when he picked up the phone and congratulated Buhari.

7. For people like Bimbo Ajinibi who asked me what I am going to do now that GEJ has lost....I answer simply many things i did before...I am going to continue being a success in business and hard is that to understand? I have not done any govt related business since 2003 and that won't change.

I will also take time off and spend with my dad and family...they have certainly been deprived of my love and attention.

8. I can say this proudly that I was not paid to do this fact I am seriously out of pocket because if you believe in something you have to show it not just with mouth but with sacrifice and commitment.

9. I am absolutely proud of President Goodluck Jonathan. We all felt with better people around him, he would have fared better.

10. I wish the APC and President Elect Muhammadu Buhari God's guidance as they step into Big shoes. They have made promises that Nigerians will hold them to. They now have to manage success, and that won't be easy. I pray that they will be able to match words with actions.

11. I ask all you change agents to remember that if Nigeria fails to thrive, it will be Your fault as much as those who are elected and appointed. The majority have had their way and we the minority have had our say. That is democracy.

12. I say very well done to the APC and General Buhari for a hard fought and well deserved victory.

13. One thing that i was able to conclude is that contrary to what many people in the North were told; that GEJ is behind Boko haram, this elections have proven otherwise...because we did not hear one bomb blast in the North instead we saw huge votes.

14. Let me congratulate all my fellow GEJites...I met a fresh young crop of Nigerians who put their lives aside to support a man they really believed in. That love for GEJ and country inspired me to push harder.

Let me say to you all that we have not failed at all. We now have the opportunity to demand a seat at the table within our party and re - engineer the processes and methods.

15. Let me pay special tribute to the Igbo's for standing firm and supporting president GEJ. No one should hate you for what you did...I did not see the people of the North voting GEJ either....and that is just fine.

16.To all the people asking how answer is simple:

Enjoy the holiday till May 29th.

Then the Hunter shall become the hunted...then and only then will we know how market dey!

Let me conclude by saying that I don't mind losing if it will be the gain of all Nigerians. Afterall I shall also be a beneficiary....NO?

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

God bless Nigeria.