Youths Slugged It Out at PDP vs APC Political Debate

Yesterday was a rdmarkable day as youths from both sides of the political divide APC vs PDP slugged it out on Rubbing minds with Ebuka OBi-Okoye on Chanels Television. It was team Continuity versus Team Change, and both teams gave a good account of themselves in their bid to sell their candidates. Barely three weeks to the Presidential elections, it was important for Nigerians to catch a glimpse of what both parties had to offer in their manifesto. 

With General Buhari and the APC adverse to holding a debate for the Presidential candidates, it was heartwarming to see youths from both parties tangle in a bid to sell their programs. On the hot seat were: Chairman APC Forum, Ismaeel Ahmed (@slimprofile), PDP Youth stalwart Mukhtar Dan’iyan (@MrAyeDee) and APC youth representative Ikem Isiekwena (@IkemIsiekwena). Seated behind from the left, PDP youth representative, Anthony Ehilebo (@Anthonyehilebo), APC youth representative, Akintunde Oyebode (@AO1379) and PDP youth representative, Ademola Rewaju (@Demolarewaju), captioned from left to right on the Headline picture.

It was an incredible time watching the articulate submissions of the participants, with both the PDP and the APC addressing key issues in the country and why their candidates should be the one sworn in come may 29. The debate was not devoid of drama as the APC youths weren't too pleased with @Ayedee when he dealt an underhand blow on Buhari based on his history. My favourite moment was  Ademola Rewaju and the word "Phantasmagoric" lolz

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