Ten Year Old Kid Jumps From 30 Story Building

Parents of Jun Jun striken with grieve at the news
A ten-year-old boy has died after a teacher 'told him' to jump from a building.
The Chinese youngster, named as Jun Jun, fell 30 floors to his death after failing to write a self-criticism letter demanded by his teacher. The fifth-grade primary school student had been told to write a 1,000-character apology by his teacher, Miss Chen, for talking in class.

His devastated parents have now launched a campaign against the extreme pressure put on Chinese students.Neighbours say the 30-year-old teacher told him to jump out of a building after he didn't do the task.
Jun Jun wrote ''teacher I can't do it'' in his textbook

'Teacher, I can't do it,' was found written in one of his textbooks, along with 'I flinched several times when I tried to jump from the building.'
The child smashed into a parked car beneath the flat where his family live in Jinjiang district.

The kid plunged to his death on top of this car
Due to China's strict one-child policy, it is likely Jun Jun was the couple's only child.
His family have posted a banner outside the school in the southwestern city of Chengdu saying 'The teacher forced our kid to jump off the building'.

Culled from Daily Post