Ghana's Presidential Jet Catches Fire

Stumbled on this news on Saharareporters and this is how they are reporting it 
Ghana presidential jet caught fire on Tuesday at the Kotoka International Airport in the capital Accra. Reports say the Falcon 900, slowed down and caught fire while attempting to take off. 
A press statement issued by the Ghana Armed Forces and signed by the Director of Public Relations, Lieutenant Commander, Andy La-Anyane noted that “the fire was caused as a result of friction between the wheels and the runway surface". He said the craft was on its way to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on a mission. 
The official statement from the Ghana Armed Forces said the crew experienced slight operational problems with the computer system as the craft taxied on the runway preparing to take off. As a result, the statement said, the aircraft returned to the Air Force Base in Accra to reset the computers.” It said during the second attempt to take-off, the “aircraft lost two main left wheels.” 
The statement said emergency procedures were followed and passengers were promptly disembarked. It however was not revealed if pre-flight procedures were equally followed. It is also not known as yet who was on board when the incident occurred.