APC Campaigners Have Taken To The Streets

Following the postponement of the General Elections to March 28th 2015, the opposition party APC seemed to have run out of steam in their campaign. Recently, candidates within the party seem to have adopted a deceptive approach all in a bid to sell themselves to the electorate.
Mrs Aisha Buhari was spotted learning a new occupation on the streets of Abuja, it was a funny sight seeing the well dressed wife of General Buhari make futile attempts to fry akara and yam chips. It would leave no one in doubt that she probably hadn't tried such in decades LOLZ
Not wanting to be left out, APC Gubernatorial candidate in Lagos Akinwunmi Ambode took the game to the next level by offering his services as a plantain "boli" seller all in a bid to garner more votes. Well, Timaya must have inspired him with his hit song "Still that Plaintain Boy", I hope the oga will still resort to assisting these ''boli'' women after the election. Gov Fashola courted ''okada'' riders in his own time and bought helmets so they could campaign for him, there reward once he won the election was to ban ''okada'' riders from the streets of Lagos. I hope if perchance Oga Ambode wins the election these boli women will not be swept of the streets unceremoniously, that will be war oh cos we don't joke with our ''Boli'' roasted plantain Lolz
Well they seem to be learning the ropes from the proponent of ''My People My People" Gov Rochas Okorocha, the Mallam of Igboland has always been a harbinger of jejeti politics. Bottle feeding babies to roasting corn on the streets, the Orlu born politician has never been short of political theatrics. These are the things that make the electioneering season enthrailing, though Oga Rochas we know u oh Loz
 Uncle Osinbajo looks lost, its like he hasn't come home in a long while. Thank God sha for the election, bros has finally touched down. Some say the man in the picture is his father, some say uncle and others say brother, well the important thing is that he visited