Semiye Michael And The One Kid Project

My name is Semiye Michael. I have a team that travels to the remotest villages in FCT Nigeria to write the unwritten stories of children with no access to formal education. We come back to the city to solicit fund from friends and families to educate these children.
The state of human life in most of the villages we visit is nearly unbearable, leaving one to keep wandering about the wonders of God in keeping those living there. No access road, no portable water, no good food nor any modern life support facility. Sadly, children in these rural villages yet don’t have access to formal education because of the high level of poverty and illiteracy that are visible in these villages. Parents here will not for any reason want their kids go to school talk less of paying a penny as school fees.

The presence of #OneKidProject in these communities has brought about a considerable level of improvement. I must also confess to you that we are not near any pass mark as hundreds of these kids may never be able to go to school if no one will care to show kindness unto them. This also explain  reasons why we embark on this project.

How I came in contact with this whole idea;
While serving as a field enumerator with IFDC Nigeria in 2013, I worked with rural farmers for fertilizer and input supply. I visited villages with high children population but lack access to formal education. I spoke with parents and community leaders about my observation and discovered that some of them lack interest while majority suffers from intense poverty. Iwas touched to my blood but was also scared because the terrain it’s a complete bundle of terrible challenges. But I started sharing passionate stories of these children on my Facebook wall, friends showed interest and One Kid Project team was built.
With 50 kids already enjoying One Kid educational project, it is a breakthrough. On language, I cannot speak nor do I understand Hausa or Gbagyi; which are the only languages spoken in FCT villages. Most villages are surrounded by rivers, so accessing these villages especially during raining seasons appears difficult. The difficulties surrounding working in these villages discourages community workers from attempting to visit and help in any way, so getting people on my team remain an issue.
Some of these villages are currently under infectious attack. The children now have Schistosomiasis (Bilhazia). This infection causes its victim to urinate and stool drops of blood and if not promptly treated, it can affect vital body organs like the kidney, liver, urethra which often leads to death. This in infection is a product of contaminated water. These villages live purely on stream water that also serves the Agoi people and their cattle. The simplest solution to this attack is provision of portable water; at least one borehole.

It is our collective responsibilities to rise up and help in whatever way possible. The common advice of reporting to government for action is obviously not a way out. These villages are all in the Federal Capital Territory and not Sokoto or Kebbi. How close should a place then be to the central government? We are no longer the leaders of tomorrow, our leadership role start from what we are ready to sacrifice for, inclusive human development.
·   Help us train a child for one whole year at #5000 only or help recommend our project for possible funding. Donation to cover;   1. Tuition fee 2. School uniform 3. School materials: Bag, sandal, books, math set, pencil and biro

·    You can donate school materials for these kids as well.
·    We also believe we can make little contribution to sink one Borehole at least in one or two years to save lives.
Feel free to contact us through this platform or contact us through; 



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