Question of the Day: Do You Think Jega is Trying To Manipulate The Elections?

I found the following points on his facebook page reasons why the INEC Chairman might be trying to manipulate the forthcoming elections. Do you agree with him?  what are your own reasons? His assertions can be found below:
Is Prof Jega trying to manipulate the Elections?
The following points at this assertion:
- How come over 70% PVCs have been collected in Borno. Adamawa, Taraba and other Northern states directly affected by the insurgency and peaceful states such as Lagos State have not even met 40% yet on collection of PVCs?
- How did INEC achieve 70 to 80% PVC collection in the North Eastern part of Nigeria despite the fact that most of the people there have been displaced due to the prevalent terrorist activities?
- Why is it that PVCs meant for Lagos State's registered voters are being delayed abroad under the guise of production?
- Why are Card Readers which will be used in verifying PVCs only been given to selected states?