DRAMA- Attack and Counter-Attack

The Nigerian Presidential Campaigns have practically degenerated into both parties throwing brickbats and hurling insults at each other. With the theatrics of the past one week involving the APC and Buhari's London trip yet to die down, a new drama seems to be unfolding in earnest. More story after cut

The attacks and counter-attacks have rolled out this weekend, with the first salvo fired by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode from the PDP camp who alleged that there is a sinister plot by Senator Bola Tinubu “to foist on our dear nation an evil, ungodly, wicked and ruthless agenda in an unlikely event the APC wins the election”. According to FFK, Bola Tinubu has been investing heavily in APC with an eye on the Vice Presidential slot. He claims that there is a secret pact with Prof Yemi Osinbajo to step aside for Bola Tinubu after 6 months, he further stressed that Tinubu was scheming to become President in the unfortunate event that a repeat of the Yar Adua drama transpires. This statement was made at a televised Press Conference at the Asokoro Office of the PDP Presidential Campaign, a full transcript of the press release can be found here

This incessant allusions promptly touched a nerve in the APC camp with the spokesperson of the party Alhaji Lai Mohammed saying " in as much as it (APC) has so far refrained from engaging Fani-Kayode in his game of character assassination, abuses and irresponsible name calling, the party is becoming seriously concerned that he may be caving in under pressure and reverting to his undignified past of substance abuse" Lol. True to type, he went on to attack President Jonathan calling him a "bumbling, ineffective, incoherent, clueless, visionless and incompetent President". You can also find a link to the press statement here

That this season has been one of consistent pelting of insults and distortion of facts is not lost to anyone. However PDP through Femi Fani-Kayode who was a Chieftain of the Opposition APC, have continued to impress on the World that the Presidential candidate of APC General Buhari is sick, this can be seen as a strategy to get the attention of the North, who would not want a repeat of the Umaru Yar Adua Saga to unfold if they throw their weight behind the candidate Buhari who is from the North. Subsequently, APC have tried to play down on this narrative expectedly since it would inflict a heavy blow on their major support base in the North.

Zeroing in on the final 4 weeks to the Presidential elections, one would expect that these few weeks are spent discussing policy issues of both parties and possibly getting both Presidential candidates and their vices to engage the Nigerian electorate in tandem. The biggest loss to the electorate in all this sloganeering and posturing was the inability of both parties to discuss policy issues sitting in the same room. Unfortunately, it would seem we are in for a long month of slandering and intrigues. Brace yourselves, hang onto your hats and tighten your seat belts!!! The game is on