Truly I have always tried not to be seen as being partisan or political. As a result I avoid writing or saying anything about politics. BUT...

I had a dream. In that dream I decamped from

a particular party to another one. Just stepping out with the flag of my newly joined party I saw the members of my former party setting ablaze a young man because he's a member of my new party. I was mad!!! I woke up and wondered "why this dream?" Then I figured that I just have to say something about the politics going on now. 

Before I go ahead, I want to state it clear that I don't have a partisan spirit and I am not speaking in favour or dis-favour of any particular party. 

What I want to say is simple. Be influenced by God concerning this coming election. Allow God tell you who you must vote for because only God knows the person with the best intention for Nigeria and the person who can set another human being ablaze just because he must be a president at all cost. 

Political parties have rolled out strategies, tactics and modalities to influence (Convince) you towards voting for them. They campaign from state to state, city to city, street to street, through sms, adverts, montages, jingles etc. 

The one I observed recently is targeting the youths through the people they idolise. Even though the they might be in their adverts for the money and not because they are the members of the party. 
The use of movie stars, music icons, consultant/public speakers and top influential youths leaders to target the youths might be a solid strategy, but try not to be influenced by that as per who to vote for other than being influenced by God. 

One of the music icons I love his message on this election matter is 2face Idibia especially whenever he says 'Vote Not Fight, Election no be war.' I wish that young Nigerian will listen more to that solid message than being influenced to vote for a particular party because they see their 'idols' and icons in the party's advert on TV or hear them on Radio. 

As a pastor who is a young man, I think I have the responsibility to speak to the youths of Nigeria to vote by the leading and influence of God's spirit resident in their inside. 
* Never vote because money was shared and you got some. 
* Never allow yourself to be used as thugs when their own children school in USA, UK, France, even Ghana and Kenya. 

What's my point? Election is coming close, be with yourself! Be with your full senses! Admire their wonderful campaigns, adverts and strategies to influence and convince people to vote for them but never be influenced by those. 
Allow God influence you! I join 2face to say that "Election no be war!" so vote and do not fight. I can't kill myself fighting for a man whose sons won't come back from abroad to fight for their daddy. 

Vote wisely! 
Let God influence your vote! 
God Bless You!
NB: Some people might want to fight me through their comments, But again election no be war so vote and not fight!

written by Pastor Iyke
The notions expressed in this article are solely those of the author