No Records of Buhari Certificate Here - WAEC

Another online platform writes that the West African Examination Council headquarters in Ghana has disclaimed Gen. Muhammed Buhari take that in 1961 he sat for WAEC. Full details after the cut

The certificate scandal which has dragged touted integrity of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, through the mud, took a turn for the worse when the West African Examination Council (WAEC) said it had no record of him in its archives. Responding to an inquiry by a civil society organization, MoveOn Nigeria, WAEC wrote from Ghana saying, “The West African Examination Council (Ghana) cannot provide the Certified True Copy of the examination records of Mohamed Buhari who attended school in Provincial Secondary School, Katsina in Nigeria. The above record cannot be found in the archives of the Records and Aptitude Test Department in Ghana”.
The WAEC letter from Ghana was signed by S. Boama Gyima for the head of the national office. It was referenced TDD/RATD/VER/ VOL.V/492 and dated January 23, 2015 It came in response to the one earlier written by MoveOn Nigeria and signed by its director of Operations, Clem O. Aguiyi and dated January 22, 2015. The letter was received at the WAEC office in Ghana on January 23 upon the payment of GHC40.00 said to be “for the confirmation of result”. In the letter titled REQUEST FOR CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES OF EXAMINATION RECORDS OF MOHAMED BUHARI, the group had written: “We respectfully request your council to make available to us the certified true copies (CTC) of the examination records of the under mentioned person: MoveOn Nigeria supplied the name as Mohamed Buhari with 1961 as year of examination and 8280002 as examination number.
The letter from WAEC Office in Ghana further damaged whatever defence Buhari had put up in answer to the demand on him to present his WAEC certificate, which he had pleaded in his presidential nomination form now with INEC. Buhari had, upon exposition by the Nigeria Army that his certificates
were not in its possession, against his earlier claims, stated at a press conference in Kano, that his alma mater, Provincial Secondary School, would make the certificate “available when available”. A few hours later, a statement of result, bearing Mohamed Buhari, purported to belong to him, with signatures dated 21/01/2014, allegedly issued by the school appeared online.
Though many claimed that the Mohamed Buhari written on the document, actually referred to the APC candidate, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), dismissed it as forged. The PDP had said, following a forensic review of the document, that it was forged even as APC remained dumb-founded. Following the development however, an Abuja-based lawyer, Chike Okafor, approached a federal High Court with a suit seeking an order disqualifying Buhari from the presidential race. Okafo said the suit, No. FHC/ABJ/ CS/01/2015, was predicated on Section 131 of the Constitution which prescribes a minimum qualification for nomination to participate in Presidential elections and Section 31 of the Electoral Act that stipulates all presidential candidates to depose an affidavit in proof of compliance with constitutional requirement to be President of Nigeria.
The claimant is contending that Buhari had failed to prove that he has the minimum educational qualifica
tion to run for President. He is further contending that Buhari’s affidavit that he possesses the West African School Leaving Certificate (WASC) are false, as not only did he not attach it to his nomination form, as compulsorily required, but his claim that the certificates are in the custody of the military had been denied by the Army. Okafor is praying the court to disqualify Buhari from contesting the February 14 presidential election, citing Section 31(5) of the Electoral Act that allows a person that has reasonable grounds to believe that false information has been given by a candidate in his affidavit or document submitted to INEC, in support of his nomination form, to approach the court for the candidate to be disqualified.