D’banj reveals: Don Jazzy was so bitter he wouldn’t hear my voice on radio

Culled from The Capital
The long anticipated interview of D’banj on The Truth with Olisa gives the deepest insight on the split between the erstwhile friends and business partners Don Jazzy and D’banj. In the explosive interview, D’banj went as deep as revealing how he met Don Jazzy, their return to Nigeria, how Mo’ Hits began and its ultimate end.  Olisa who relentlessly probed the split and circumstances involved, got D’banj to open up on the details and mentioned names. D’banj dropped major bombshells, in the two-part interview,  that will keep the industry vibrating for a long while.

On the deal with Kanye that caused the crack in the relationship between D’banj and Don Jazzy, DB Records CEO said “Don Jazzy saw the big picture but some people are real. You can force a horse to a river, but you can't force it to drink water… Jazzy expressed his

discomfort like ‘listen, this place is too expensive, we are spending money. Things dey happen for Nigeria, we are already bosses here. We don't need all this’. I was like we are almost there. It is expensive but we can't guarantee because it is a doggy world out there...He wasn't interested.

Contrary to the belief that D’banj broke up the partnership, BangaLee further revealed that Don Jazzy first declared his disinterest to work with him, while he (D’banj) tried to make it work. “So we had that meeting and he said he didn't want me as a partner again .That there was a lot...He formed a synergy with SID. It was clear He wasn't comfortable around me. My mistake was, I wasn't sensitive enough to have noticed,” he said.

“Don Jazzy didn’t want anything to do with D’ banj and the brand; it was him that said it. When I asked him in December if it was that bad, he said ‘In fact, right now, if I dey go for road now, if I hear radio and I hear your voice, I go change the station.’”

Nostalgically, D’banj reminisced on all that transpired and their inability to keep the group together “Now I look at it, maybe I did change…We all changed...It wasn't money, it was because we ran Mo’Hits record like a family. That's why we failed.”

While the Mo’hits ship still sailed there were speculations that Wande Coal did most of the work and wasn’t monetarily credited for his hard work. When asked if this was true, “Wande Coal cannot come on The Truth and say that, on money matter, Wande cannot come on the truth and say that. We opened every account, even when we found out he had a child, we prevented him from squandering his own money, everything was structured and we didn’t do it behind his mother, we called his mother in.”

After years of speculations and finger-pointing, D’banj released a tape that featured Dr Sid who revealed his displeasure towards D’banj. In the tape which gave Dr. Sid away in a conversation he had with Davido and his crew, Dr Sid was inconsolable as he blamed D’banj for the negatives in his career. D’banj revealed “This was exactly how Dr Sid said it, ‘his light was too much he was overshadowing us.’ That was what Dr Sid said. I don’t know if it was jealousy, but that will end this whole bullshit.

As the tape played, Dr Sid’s voice could be heard as he complained over D’banj’s fame and recognition in comparison to his. On the tape, Dr Sid passionately said “why don’t they know my name? Because your brand is too much, it is overshadowing. Tanzania and Nairobi, who did they call? It’s D’banj obviously. D’banj did more negative than positive for my career”

Just recently, Don Jazzy’s brother and an artist under Mavin Record revealed that they all missed D’banj. In reacting to this, D’banj said “Of course they will miss me. I pretty much signed every member of Mo’Hits, even Dr Sid.  Don Jazzy questioned my decision to sign Dr Sid but I persuaded him and told him Dr Sid is talented.

On the Mavin Records hit single, Dorobucci, D’banj, in his usual jocular posture, said “You know that song is my song. If they had invited me for that song, we would have made more money.”