Buhari Employed Draconian Measures to Suppress Opposition: INEC Boss Prof Jega Book "Democracy The of Law and Islam" Published in 2000 by London Uni

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INEC Chairman Professor Attahirus Jega, in a Book published in 2000 by the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies titled: “Democracy, The Rule of Law and Islam” posited that General Buhari’s government plunged Nigeria into Economic Crisis, gross abuse and violation of Human Rights and employing draconian measures to suppress opposition despite his failing socioeconomic policies.
This book was published before Professor Jega was appointed the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, his contribution in Chapter 12 with heading “The Politics of Human Rights in Nigeria: An Overview by Attahiru M. Jega” (Pg. 221). The INEC Chairman stated that:
“Specifically, human rights became serious political issues in Nigeria in the period of Economic crisis, first, under the General Buhari regime (1984/85), which employed draconian measures to suppress opposition to its socioeconomic policies”
Jega further described the draconian measures employed by the Buhari Regime, in his words:
“For, under this regime, leading politicians, journalists, and businessmen were arbitrarily detained, the media was emasculated by military decrees, and many organized interest groups were suppressed and their unions proscribed”.
This publication by Prof. Jega, who is presently the Chairman of the  Independent National Electoral Commission reflects the view of several other Nigerian intellectuals of the day, like Prof Soyinka who were actively and vehemently opposed to the General Buhari regime.