Upclose With Ikechukwu Nnamdi & Lisa as They Speak on How Waiting Sealed Their Marriage

Ikechukwu Nnamdi and Lisa are both Pastors at HOUSE ON THE ROCK, Benin. Their love story is a must read for all singles and married folks. He refers to his wife, Lisa as the BOMB (Bone Of My Bone). Sometimes we miss the people God has ordained for us as wives/husbands by looking far not realizing that they are just right before our eyes. He bared his heart in an interview with oneplustheone.blogspot.com Catch some of it after the cut

Hello Mr and Mrs Nnamdi! It's wonderful to meet you and we are really glad that you would be letting us have a glimpse into your world! Please kindly give us a brief introduction to yourselves:

 We are Team Iyke made up of the highly prestigious and extremely beautiful NNAMDI TOOLISA NNEKA popularly referred to as Pst. Lisa and the simpleNNAMDI IKECHUKWU SAMUEL aka Pst. Iyke. We are certified marriage mentors and relationship coaches. We got married on the 14th day of February 2009 and we are headed to 6 years of amazing marital bliss. 
Yea! The Love was so strong that we exchanged vows on the highly acclaimed love day lol, however we strongly believe that every day is a day of love. 

Our hobbies are cooking, travelling, reading (my wife), while for me, it's driving, flying, playing games and teaching.
A Valentine's day wedding, nice! So, please tell us, how did you meet? 

 We met in church, HOUSE ON THE ROCK, Enugu. I was attracted to her dogged commitment and love for God, her immaculate dress sense and her calm disposition.  
Our meeting was most unconventional and maybe unromantic but not un-miraculous :-) It was not the beautiful-flower-garden kind of meeting, we weren’t even close before I proposed to her, but at that point in my life as a young man, I needed to get married. So I went to God in prayer and like many other men, I had some ladies in my mind. Lisa, was not among the ladies I was considering and praying about, but constantly her name, picture and consciousness was being impressed strongly on my mind. Amazingly, I now know that the impression was from God. 

Why did I not consider her you may ask, well it's a very interesting story.

She was based in Lagos at the time and in my nature I hosted (accommodated) her boyfriend then and every evening they would speak over the phone through the newly introduced 'MTN midnight call'. They were hoping to get married. 
After a while, he got another accommodation which later had problems and for the second time he came back to my house, but this time around, some things had happened and they weren’t communicating as much as they did previously. I was actually concerned, I tried mediating but he warned me seriously that I should not disturb him and that if I wanted I could marry her myself. 

Now you know why I was never going to consider her. I didn't want to appear as a 'wife-snatcher'. I also said that to God when He kept impressing her on my mind. Then God asked me,
 "Are you the one who joined them? Did you proclaim them husband and wife?" and then I heard in my spirit that if I don't pay attention to her my search will not come to an end. 

Back to my story, like I said, I proposed to my wife in a rather unconventional way. It was in my office at the church. I did not even kneel to propose! (which is the norm) I only said,
 "Take a good look at me from now henceforth. Observe me closely as I lead prayers, preach, carry myself about, do what I do and if you think that you can live with what you see as a husband, come and give me your answer. If it is a "Yes", let me know and if it is "No" still let me know.” 
I'm sorry if the story is getting long, but I must end it by saying that the best way to know that a lady is your wife is to have that clear and explosive assurance from God. Your wife to be should not strike a cord, she should bring a BOMB! You must get to that point where you say "this is now the (BOMB)": "Bone Of My Bone". I call it the point of absolute assurance and that point is not triggered by curves, edges or boobs. It's nice for your wife to have all the departments in place but marriage is more than all the departments being in place. Her finger tips, lips and hips might or might not be in place as you like, but that is not as important as her being from God. Do you have that absolute assurance that will make you explode like Adam did and say "This is NOW (search is over) the Bone Of My Bone?..." 

Please always remember that
 "A prudent wife is a gift from God..." (Prov 19:14). I am absolutely and totally blessed that I married my baby and best friend.

Lisa: Our relationship before he proposed to me was a student/teacher one, because he was my teacher when I was going through the foundation classes as a new member. During the classes, I loved his fragrance and neatness, admired his passion for teaching especially on relationship/marriage related topics. I wouldn't say I was attracted to him before he proposed to me (considering that I met him through my ex, I never imagined he would ever ask me to marry him!) but I just wished silently in my heart for God to give me a man like him. Amazingly, God did not give me a man like him but him.

In fact, I confessed to him later in our marriage that I wanted to say YES on that very day he proposed to me but I just decided to be a lady and not appear too 'easy'. Then as we got into courtship, I was swept off my feet by his simplicity, humility, sincerity, sense of humour and compassionate heart. 

Please click here http://www.oneplustheone.blogspot.com for the complete interview 


  1. Thanks a lot for the link up! It was a pleasure meeting the Nnamdis!
    Great blog too, God bless you xx

  2. @1+The One Thank you too for being my source, am honored. To say your blog is great is an understatement, its inspirational. God bless you too.


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