This poem will make you reflect and then cry!...Enjoy a pensive read!

Something happened at 'Nyanya'


Dawn's facade was scarred 
in tears of guts and gash!

Pelted flesh smack in disgust at shattered panes;
in salute to an ailing Nation!

Smouldering charred stumps;
chunks of 'our citizens' pieces
Scattered in a reckless mix
of grim, wide grim!

Smeared blood,pain again;
and that stench!

For we know that smell!
Like seasoned neglect

Another testament to morbid reigns
of repeated legislation-slack
Present and past!

But,do not rain on us
The rheum of your guise;
of faceless wars and putrid discuss

Be still,
Let conscience sing
a coarse lullaby of yesterday and today.
But, do not forget to remember;

that, something happened at 'Nyanya'!


  1. I could feel the blast like I was there....iva

  2. Muito Bom. Like it.

  3. Barr. Ada14.5.14

    Have we not already forgotten that something happened at the UN? And what about the rest? I don't know. For now, I'm grateful the Americans r here.


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