Things You May Not Know About Basiru Amuneni aka Bash


Basiru Sunday Amuneni (Bash) is an architect, artist, essayist, performance poet, and the co-editor of ‘through the eyes of innocence’ - a collection of children poetry that captures their honest and na├»ve thoughts on the Nigerian situation. This project was fully and privately funded to give a voice to the next generation of poets and also provide a platform where children can speak up in an atmosphere of healthy competition.

Bash is currently working on a-soon-to-be published ekphrastic anthology of poems and short stories with sketches done by him, titled “thoughts of a conscious mind”. The materials in this collection are laced in love, intimacy, the celebration of womanhood and also contain hard contents that jabs the economic and political conscience of Nigeria.

What you do not know is...

He is officially a NaijaCynth co-author, He will be touching lives positively, mending relationships, giving you something to ponder about or smile about as he puts his words in black and white here.

He also performs at events and occasions with an "open mic" and "spoken words" to give you a thrill of what he calls "words have mercy"

Get ready to ask questions, make inquiries (if not bookings) or have him write you words that will make that man/woman's head fall helplessly in love with you.

I love you so much NCblog readers and making you happy is my number one priority.


  1. Wow great. Anticipating his contributions and new book. Please keep us informed.

  2. Wow great. Anticipating his contributions and new book. Please keep us informed.

  3. Ever proud of man with such aesthetic prowess and command. I am in earnest expectation of this collection. "Words have mercy"

  4. Barr. Ada12:18

    There's one actor who always plays a jokester that this guy reminds me of! If they r the same person, then someone ought to give the guy an academy award!


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