"I Am A Product of Brother/Sister Union" says Harrysong

In a shocking revelation, singer,Harrysong told Yes Magazine that he is the product of a brother/sister union... ..When asked why his parents didn't have other kids after him..He said..
" It's just that after my dad and my mum gave birth to me, they separated and went their different ways. So, my father got married to another woman and also my mother to another man. They separated because I was given birth to by two relations. My father and mother are actually brother and sister. They gave birth to me before they could realize that.Well, I learnt that when my mother was alive, she met my father. Then she was still in school and they were in the same class and the same village. But she didn't know that they are closely related. So, I was born based on what our villagers regarded as abomination and therefore they had to separate. Because it was a big abomination, so they had to separate. Even, they attempted to kill my father in that village, but he fled, because in Warri where I come from, it is a taboo. They termed it incest."


  1. Barr. Ada14.5.14

    They don't call it incest, when a man sleeps with his sister, it is incest.

    I do exempt people who weren't raised as brothers and sisters and therefore didn't know they r related from the moral stigma. I feel it's not the same not knowing as knowing.

    But isn't the only issue the extremely high risk of raising disabled (mentally and/or physically) children? Does God mind? Where Abraham and Sarah not brother and sister?

    Anyway, seems best avoided. God wants us to go forth and multiply and marrying our close relatives. doesn't exactly promote that mission.

    As always with me, live and let live. Is this Harrysong of the "fine girl" fame? Cos My children and I are crazy about that song!


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