Photos of Nkem Oyido's Wedding

One advice, do not miss it when you see and feel it (do not ask me to elaborate please)
Now these two love birds is simply a match made in heaven. I am pretty sure you are so anxious to hear their love story, well sit back, relax and continue after the cut

It was the 22nd of February in the year 2014 (a perfect wedding date after the valentine's day) a certain young man with a beautiful heart popularly known as Engr. Ime Nkweini took this gorgeous lady, Nkem Oyido as his lovely bride... and they lived happily ever after *end of story

I am sure you want to see more pics, here they are. Don't envy her, mock her dress (by the way, they are out of this world) or declare how much better looking you are and just wish them well... thank you!