Toke Tells It All: Signs to Look Out For In An Abusive Relationship

According to the Toke, relationship counselor when you see some of these signs ladies, what do you do? take to your heels or sit and believe he loves you?

These signs include

 If he puts you down...especially in front of other people and he thinks he is better than you...if this happens,shine your eyes and do not take it lightly

 If he finds everything wrong with your friends and tries to cut you off.if he tries to cut you off from your family and always sees fault in everything they do.if you meet a man like this he has deep rooted issues and you will get beaten...soon!

 If he punches the wall during arguments, raises his voice…watch him well,he will be punching you next!

 Watch The way he treats other people..even the traffic warden,the waiter at the restaurant….watch his speech!

If he hits you once….he will do it again and again!