E+N Essence Nature Fragrances Launches in Nigeria

Available now in Nigeria and in seventeen countries is E+N range of perfumes, a collection of International fragrances which ranges according to their numbers 0- CK by Calvin Klein, 3- Carolina Herrera for women etc 
So if you are thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones this valentine season, E+N range of perfumes for male and female is just the right choice. 
Here are the fragrances available according to the numbers:
0 -   CK by Calvin Klein
1 -   Flower by Kenzo
3 -   Carolina Herrera for women
5 -   Acqua di Dio by Georgio Armani
10 - Carolina Herrera for men
12 - Hugo Boss for men
41 - Givenchy
45 - Sexy by Carolina Herrera

You are also welcome to be a network distributor of e+n range of perfumes.
Be a network distributor, place orders and general inquiries please call:


or visit Suite BSS-217 Old Banex Plaza Wuse 2, Abuja.