New Single By The Strings of David- 'I GO FLY'

I got a random email over the weekend to help post this on my blog, I have not met or spoken to them before considering that my contact number could be found in the same place they got my email but I guess they somehow knew that I will eventually post it because I will do anything to promote the gospel but  please, let it be the last time for all those who are intending to send me email in future. A call and paying a little token to have it posted on this blog or any other blog will go a long way not only to encourage bloggers but also to appreciate the value of our work and time taken to do this. Anyways read all about the Finland based Nigerian gospel group 'The Strings of David' after the cut

The Strings of David, a Finland based Nigerian four boy Afro gospel music group craves your indulgence to help platforming their newest singles for extended audiences. Barely a year old, four young men with a desire for God and good music have gone all out into making inspired elevating music and actively spreading the good news, a dream which anyone willing to partake will be glad and proud to watch grow.
The strings of David releases her first and newest singles on the 15th of December 2013. The debut titled ''I GO FLY'' is an absolutely inspirational piece adopted from R Kelly's i believe i can fly. With Theo keys, one of Naija's best Finland based producers on the beat and Finland's Henrick Sirelä on the mix you can only expect quality.
The group is fortified with talented praise leaders from across denominations who have prepared their instruments over time in preparation for this time and beyond. The eventual coming together in synergy is to produce inspirational songs carrying ''the breath'' to stay and echo into generations to come. 

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