Understanding The Late Nelson Mandela's Real Name

I am sure by now we all know that the world greatest leader who lead with humility, love and respect for all races, tribes and colour but above all who never considered himself a saint, Nelson Mandela died on the 5th of December 2013 (if you didn't know until now, then please return all the school fees paid on your head). Moving on, the Late great African hero's real name was "Rohlihlahla" (which means "Trouble Maker" or "Rebel") Mandela. He was given the name Nelson Mandela at the age of nine by his Methodist primary school teacher where he was studying in Qunu, South Africa which was in accordance with their custom to give all school children a christian name.

However, I have come to an understanding that oppression existed not only among human existence but also in the names originally given at birth, imagine being forced to bear a name you were not given at birth in order to belong or have access to social amenities such as education etc in centuries past. Anyways reason given by the then oppressors if you will permit me to say that, was so that an English name would be easier to pronounce by the English foreigners. 

As for those comparing President Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari to the late Mandela, its obvious you all are myopic, sweet mouths and not even trustworthy if you are to be made advisers to these leaders. Our president is still a young leader who does not need to be hyped to this level to make an impact or  legacy in the hearts of Nigerians, so please (you know yourselves) do not shove him in our throats and please cut him some slack let him learn and perfect himself through his mistakes. I believe in one Nigeria yesterday, today even tomorrow.

Nelson Mandela suffered, failed but stood up for what was right. He fought for what we today call freedom, I am for sure happy to be free putting my thoughts in black and white. May the soul of the great Madiba, Tata, Qunu, Nelson Mandela rest in perfect peace.