Breaking News: Yet another plane crash in Lagos

A plane crash has just occurred at the Lagos airport involving an Akure bound Associated airline with about twenty people on board. Unconfirmed report just coming in indicate that the crashed plane was conveying the corpse and family of ex-gov AGAGU

Here are words from someone who witnessed it:
"I'm quite traumatized. I'm at the airport in Lagos, it happened 5 Mins before we landed. Chaos everywhere. I have been praying against a plane crash for over 3 days. Then i thought rebuke fear and go where you have to go. This morning, I heard 3rd of Oct, 3rd of June but i said I'm going. When it started storming, I said another sign, then missed that 1st flight of 7am by 2 mins, still waited for the 9am, only to get here, it happened 5 mins before we landed. The pilot says we are being diverted but we don't know why! I'm so grateful to God. It's chaotic at the airport here. We command Angels to rescue all in Jesus Name. Amen."

We will bring you more info...