Inspirational Tab: SEVEN STEPS TO GREATNESS- Building An Enduring Legacy in Business Based on Philippians 2:5-9 - Temi Odejide

There is a certain mindset necessary for success. You cannot be self-conscious. You must be focused on meeting needs by putting yourself in the customers' shoes. Avoid pride it goes before a fall. You must be disciplined and adhere to strict plans to succeed. Finally your aspirations must go far beyond your personal needs. Then and only then will you have established an enduring legacy in whatever your field of business' – A business paraphrase of Philippians 2:5-9

1.    The Right Mindset – You have to have a winner's mindset to succeed. You have to enter the battle having already won in your mind even before the contest even commences.
2.    Lose Your Self-Consciousness – Anyone that would be great in any field of endeavor must lose self-consciousness. You cannot be overtly concerned with pleasing everybody and think you will be great. You must commit yourself to a goal to exclusion of concern about naysayers.
3.    Meet Needs – Identify the need that your business endeavor addresses and go the extra mile in making sure you meet that need.
4.    Customer Service is Key – To rise above competition you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and ask yourself from that perspective what would make me become loyal to this business. Then adjust your service delivery to meet those needs.
5.    Be Open to Change – Pride resists improvement. Pride is defensive. Pride does not grow. You have to be humble enough to be open to constructive criticism that will improve the quality of your deliverables.
6.    Be Disciplined – There is no greatness without discipline. Anyone that is great has committed to a discipline. Discipline yourself and adhere tenaciously to the disciplines of your trade.
7.    Think Posterity & Not Just Prosperity – Greatness is bigger than Success. Greatness is spoken about long after success has faded. So seek to establish something that will endure over time.

Follow these 7 steps and you will be firmly on your way to Greatness and an enduring legacy in life and business.

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