Poet Of The Week: Basiru Sunday. A

Brief Profile:

Bash' started writing poetry since he was 14 years old in junior secondary school. His love for this pristine art form naturally endeared him into studying the works of many poets. His later years saw him focusing more just on African poetry. "I remember falling totally in love with poem 'Africa' by David Diop in 1996, I used to  recite at every little opportunity from parties to churches".... He found companionship in the works of Richard Ntiru, Wole Soyinka and Odia Ofiemum also. "I have always been excited by how these writers draw on deep imagery laced in struggle, culture and wits".

Bash is the co-editor of "Through the eyes of innocence", an anthology of poems by JSS students on the Nigerian situation. He is also an Artist, Architect and Banker.

I promise you will love his Poem titled "Isi Ewu" after the cut

Isi Ewu 

But i swear I would do you again!
Not minding, not in vain
Now I am here stooling even in pains

It was last night
Me and my buddies met
at that corner for a treat
A cramped up space- so tight
Hardly for nine
Yet we stayed;
in worship  of your might!

Our long wait
I do not make light
But i was right
Cos when you came
Like your name
in your glorious majesty
sweet scent and steam
it was Isi ewu!

Speaking in eager tongues
We continued at your alter
Feeling the heat
Numbing our fingers
Yet we munched your meat
hoof and members
Juice and pepper, sweet!
Sniffing in plural earnest
Isi ewu
You are one really stinging relish

now i am here
A visitor to this loo
for seventh time since noon
in torrents and numbers
questions loom
as bowel thunders
have mercy! have mercy!!
But you take your toll
In mocking tunes- scatter
not kinder nor milder
yet Isi Ewu,
I swear and i don't care
Let's bet...
I would do you hot again!

Basiru Sunday Amuneni (c) Dec.2012

Lolzz very hilarious!!!


  1. Beautiful painting with words. I can connect with this....some sweet indulgence could turn sour yet,you'll always want a repeat.Made for a nice read.


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