Meet Gbenga Oke: He Has Been Around The World And Back With His Golden Voice!

I love gospel music ( I mean what's there not to love about it?), it has helped me get through the stormy period of my life just in case you are wondering why I interview a lot of gospel artists (not to say I don't interview other artists oh!).
So with that said, today's interview focuses on another exceptional and Spirit filled gospel artist who has been around the world and back spreading the gospel through his songs. A member of Daystar Christian Center Lagos but has sang in choir for eleven years at The Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel.

What is your full name?
My name is Gbenga oke adeyemi.

Who and what do you represent?
I represent Jesus christ on earth and i stand for gospel music till Jesus comes.
I do gospel music because if you are saved,redeemed,born again & will make heaven when you die, that's the only type of music you can do. Much more,God gave me an assignment in gospel music.

Why are you not doing secular music, I mean I hear its selling more $ moving market in Nigeria?
 Like u said in that question "Sell More",the love of money will send many to hell fire so,anywhere I see quick & easy way to money, I take caution, that's another reason I will forever stay in gospel music no matter the challenges.

Can you share with us events you have touched lives with through your music?
I can't count the events God has blessed lives through me since I began but I can summarize by saying, God has taken me to 17 states in Nigeria to bless lives at different concerts and churches, I have also ministered in South africa,Ghana & the United states of America.

Is there anything that makes your songs different from other gospel artists?
God told me in 2001 that "Your music is to restore healing & hope to many" & to His glory, He has confirmed that word wherever I appear to sing. When you hear my songs or hear me live on stage,despondency & sicknesses disappear at once by the power of God.

Have you had any tough times and how did you get through it?
So many hard times has come & its the same keys that I have always used to overcome them; 1,prayer 2,Faith in God & my assignment 3,Consistency 4,Humility 5,Never say die attitude & 6,Declaring God's word to myself. These keys will silence & overcome any hard time under the sun.

What else will you find yourself doing if you were not doing gospel?
If not gospel music today,i would be a footballer. Lolzz

Do you have any hobbies and favorite sports
My hobbies are playing football,snooker & scrabble.

So is Gbenga single?
Yes,i am single.

What will be the qualities of your ideal future wife?
My future wife should love God & be submissive as God commands, simple!

To round up, few words of advice to your fans and upcoming gospel artists?
For those gospel stars who are emerging, pray always, please be focused, don't be in a hurry, don't live the life secular artistes live & please get a mentor who fears God, you will get there shortly.

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Download Gbenga's song by clicking here: Download song & Download song -2

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  1. kiki2.8.13

    wow... i am so touched!

  2. tope jordan2.8.13

    Gbenga, you've always been a blessing. I'm proud of u!

  3. Mayowa2.8.13

    An awesome minister of the gospel! I am a witness and a partaker of the wonderful presence of God that comes when he is on stage. Bishop Oyedepo calls him "wonder boy". I'm so proud of him.

  4. Anonymous2.8.13

    From the first time I heard him, I knew he was destined for the greatnes.can't do without listening to him in a day in my car. Love u bro. Auditor phil say so

  5. God be praised, always love ur song and will always do cos it always touches/blesses me. God bless u.

  6. olori2.8.13

    Mr oloyin u hav bin a bless 2 d world may ur grace n Anointing neva run dry ur fans in winners will always wish u well n miss u

  7. Anonymous2.8.13

    D Lord would surely make you more fulfilled IJPN Amen

  8. I give God the glory for Ur life and I pray He will continue to use U to prepare souls for His kingdom. The gospel must be spread before the end, that is the commission the Lord has given to us. Remain bless my brother.

  9. Anonymous2.8.13

    Beautiful... GOD BE PRAISED for choosing you to be a vessel unto honour. Your songs are a blessing!! I pray you More Grace and and may His Unction run to an overfloW in you in Jesus name. AMEN
    Do remain God's Pride.
    Blessings :)

  10. Anu Okoosi Osho4.8.13

    Bro Gbenga,ur songs are so inspiring,so mention but few.I pray that the lord wil never leave u,forward ever backward never.GBU frm Anuoluwapo Hephzibah Okoosi Osho.

  11. Wonderful ministration all around the world. Ministry of Jesus naaniii

  12. Ambi Mosi4.8.13

    Gbenga,u are no doubt one of God's anointed end time Gospel music ministers mandated to redirect souls back to the Father thru your music.I've been privileged to minister on the same stage with you,so I can testify to that.God bless you as you keep doing the work of the master

  13. Anonymous4.8.13

    thank you Jesus for Gbenga Oke

  14. I know before now that you are set for the top, and this is just the beginning, i've been privileged to minister on the stage with you even till now. Am so proud of you great man as i used to call you.

  15. Very true @ ur songs heals...there r diff types of sicknesses,and whenever I am depressed nd I listen to mercy.. Nd afayo, my spirit is lifted..pls there is one u sang @ clam while u we're sharing ur testimony can't remember it but I hope I get it soon.God bless u richly nd continue to empower u.

  16. Anonymous21.3.14

    i want to marry him but im not yoruba im igbo.<3

  17. Gbenga, you r a blessing indeed. I got your CD back wen I was in school(covenant university)and I was so touched. My only regret was that i got one cos someone stole it at home cos I wouldn't stop playing it n didn't want to give others for d fear of losing it(which eventually happened). Ever since then, I've been looking for another but no luck. I even forgot ur name. Rily sad. Thanks for being a blessing to the world. Still need the f'oyin album and cant find it anywhere. HELP!!!

  18. i love your songs a lot. been looking for your first album(f'oyin) but i cant find it anywhere. rily inspiring. please i nid help getting it.

  19. Anonymous23.2.18

    Saved as a favorite, I love your site!


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