{VIDEO} Girl Cries Tears of Blood From A Bizarre Condition

For the last couple of weeks, 20 year old Yaritza Oliva from Chile has been a living nightmare, she has been crying tears of blood and no one has been able to explain her mysterious condition.

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Yaritza first noticed the tears of blood coming down her eyes two weeks ago, but due to her family poor financial situation, she couldn't seek for a professional help. The only ophthalmologist who attends at the local hospital in Chile a few days back has so many scheduled patients that he wouldn't see her without an appointment. One of the few times she was consulted by a professional physician was when she was transferred at the hospital of Puerto Montt, where doctors where baffled by her condition, but could only give her some eye drops for the burning sensation she feels when the blood pours from her eyes.

Yaritza cries blood several times a day and says the pain is indescribable but for now all her family can do is wipe away the red tears and help calm the burning sensation. At one point, she believed her condition was a stigma and won't leave the house, afraid of what people might think when they see her blood tears. As if her bizarre affliction was not enough, the 20 year old Chilean also suffers from a bizarre syndrome that causes her limbs dislocate frequently leaving her incapable to walk or use her hands.

posted by: Ebere Obioma