"I Am A Boy Of Grace" Nigeria's Gospel Artiste 'Effizee' Opens Up

He is loved by fans all over the country and who see him as a source of inspiration. Abia state born 'Effizee' in an exclusive interview, shares with us why he is described as 'a boy of grace', challenges and breakthroughs...

What is Effizee's real name?
My name is Chukwu Ifeanyi

Who and what does Effizee represent?
I am a minister of the gospel, a praiser inspired by the help of the holy Spirit. I believe purely in the true word and knowledge of our Lord Jesus christ... I represent Christ.

Why gospel music when secular music seem to sell more?
I am doing gospel not because of money but to impact into lives

Can you share with us events Effizee has imparted lives with through his music?
Oh that's a good question, I have performed in the events like the just concluded Jam Mega Festival 2013 held at the House On The Rock The Refuge Abuja, Worship Majesty, Fountain of Life Church, 2011 Mega Fest as well, COZA Ilorin, Living Faith Church Goshen City and Durumi, Gwarinpa, Life Camp, House on the Rock Makurdi severally and lots more.

Is there anything that makes your song different from other gospel singers like Samsong, Solomon Lange etc?
Hmm... Everybody have their own grace. Solomon Lange cannot be like Samsong and I cannot be like any of them. We all have our unique identity for ministry.

Have you had any hard times as a gospel singer and how did you get though it?
Ewo! Hard times will always come, I remember back then recording, promoting my songs was not easy but 'I am a child of grace' only but His grace has brought me this far. The evergreen much talked about video 'Jaginma' was shot for free by a german man, I was shooting a movie with them, played my song for them, they loved it and shot the video without me paying a dime for the shoot. I thank God, that's why I say grace and grace it has been all through for me.

If you are not doing gospel music what else will you be doing?
Maybe a medical doctor but its no longer possible again.

What are your hobbies and favorite sport?
I love to cook, play football, swim and giving to people.

Is Effizee single?
Oh yea I am single... Lolz

What characteristics would you want your future wife to possesses.
She must be born again and a woman who is a believer of the word of God.

Its been so much fun chatting with you, do you have any advice for your fans who are still coming up?
Remain humble, put God first and other things will follow. Continue doing gospel, believe in God and He will show up for you.
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